Finance for Strategic Decision-Making

Finance for Strategic Decision Making demystifies and clarifies for non-financial executives the basics of financial analysis. It shows how they can make important financial decisions that can critically enhance their institution’s ability to respond to competitive challenges, undertake new projects, overcome financial setbacks, and most importantly, create shareholder value. Written by M. P. Narayanan and Vikram K. Nanda—two of the country’s leading authorities on financial strategy—this book offers a practical guide for using financial analysis to enhance strategicdecision making. The book includes a coherent framework that outlines practical and intellectually sound guidance for executives who must make strategic decisions. Finance for Strategic Decision Making

  • Explains the role of finance in corporate strategy
  • Offers guidance on resource allocation decisions
  • Explores how to determine the right balance of debt and equity capital to maximize firm value
  • Demonstrates how to use payout policy as a strategic tool
  • Clarifies if a merger, acquisition, or divestiture is in the best interest of an organization
  • Shows how to manage risk

Reveals how to measure value created and the effectiveness of upper level management