Breast Health (DK Healthcare)

Designed to address the many aspects of women's health over a lifetime, this series of books by Dr. Miriam Stoppard is uniquely accessible and affordable. Small, fully illustrated guides meet women's individual needs at every lifestage--from teenagers curious about their changing bodies to new mothers looking for advice and reassurance to women of all ages experiencing menopause. Fully illustrated, straight-forward, and practical, these are the ideal healthcare guides for every woman.

A woman's breasts undergo some of the most visible and radical development of any part of her body. Breasts continue to change even after they are fully grown. A basic knowledge of the elements that make up the breasts and their working parts will prepare you for a lifetime of changes with confidence. Through illustration and photographs, as well as helpful sidebar material and examples, Dr. Stoppard thoroughly explains proper breast-self examination; benign breast changes (cysts versus tumors, nipple discharge, etc.); the assessment and treatment of breast cancer; as well as provides a list of resources and programs for more information and support.