Fleet Management and Logistics (Centre for Research on Transportation)

TEODOR GABRIEL CRAINIC, DIRECTOR The Centre for Research on Transportation (C.R.T.) was founded in 1971 by the Universite de Montreal. From 1988 on, it is jointly managed by the Universite de Montreal and its affiliated schools, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales and Ecole Poly technique. Professors, students and researchers from many institutions in the Montreal area join forces at the C.R.T. to analyze transportation, logistics and telecommunication systems from a multidisciplinary perspective. The C.R.T. pursues three major, complementary objectives: training of high-level specialists; the advancement of knowledge and technology; the transfer of technology towards industry and the public sector. Its main field of expertise is the develop­ ment of quantitative and computer-based models and methods for the analysis of urban, regional and intercity transportation networks, as well as telecommunication systems. This applies to the study of passenger and commodity flows, as well as to the socioeconomic aspects of transportation: policy, regulation, economics. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the C.R.T. offered the opportunity to evaluate past accomplishments and to identify future trends and challenges. Five colloquia were thus organized on major research and application themes that also reflected our main research areas. They gathered together internationally renowned researchers who linked recent scientific and technological advances to modeling and methodological challenges waiting to be tackled, particularly concerning new problems and applica­ tions, and the increasingly widespread use of new technologies.