What I Do Best

The kids in What I Do Best! all have unique talents. Some sing & dance, while others can fold a basket of laundry in two minutes flat. Some paint (each in her own distinctive style), while others do a super job caring for the household pets. In this sequel to the best selling What I Like About Me!, kids learn an important lesson in self-esteem: whatever they do well is a talent they can feel good about. Even better, this entertaining book, which features pull tabs, touch-and-feel elements, fun flaps, & more, proves to kids that doing anything well is a reason to celebrate.

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By Christie (Social Circle, GA) · ★★★★★ · May 01, 2010
This is such a positive book that children can use to celebrate when they do things well. This book includes pull tabs, touch-and-feel elements, and fun flaps that illustrate what children in the book do best. This book would be great for an interactive read along lesson with kindergarten! ...more