Cook's Guide To Asian Vegetables

Here at last is a book which all cooks need to know about the fast-growing list of Asian vegetables found in Asian grocery stores and specialty gourmet shops. With attractive watercolors and photographs, A Cook's Guide to Asian Vegetables helps you identify more than 170 vegetables and vegetable products commonly used in Asian cuisine and sold world-wide. Categories include: Beans, peas, pulses Cabbage and other leafy greens Fruiting vegetables Gourds and melons Herbs Mushrooms and other fungi The onion family Preserved vegetables Seaweeds Tofu and other soy products Tubers, stems, and roots Any many more! This book offers insightful tips on how cooks have used the vegetables throughout history; their appearance, nutritional content and flavor; selection, storage and preparation as well as information on traditional Asian herbal remedies and folk beliefs. Fresh, dried and preserved vegetables and herbs are described in this volume, together with simple recipes from around Asia that demonstrate how various vegetables can be served. This cookbook also features over 100 recipes to craft delicious vegetable dishes from all over Asia.