The Best Bad Dream

F.B.I. Agents Jack Harper and Oscar Hidalgo are burned out from too many cases so they schedule a two week vacation. Jack plans to hang out with his son, followed by some fishing in Baja. Then Jack gets a phone call from his snitch and on-again-off-again girlfriend, the sexy and unpredictable car thief, Michelle Wu. Michelle's sister has been kidnapped. Terrified that she will be killed, Michelle begs Jack to come to Santa Fe at once.

Jack owes Michelle big time--she once saved his life. Michelle is pretty sure a biker named Lucky Avila had something to do with Jennifer’s disappearance. She also admits she did business with Lucky, who might be angry at her. Jack goes out to see Lucky, hoping for a simple end to the case. He should have known better. Anything in which Michelle Wu is involved is bound to be complex, dark, and wild. Soon Jack is up to his neck with bikers, Mexican gangs, and a giant pet wild Razorback hog named Ole Big, who may offer a major clue to finding the missing girl.

The Best Bad Dream is fast paced, tough, funny, hip, and filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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By Shelleyrae (Taree, 02, Australia) · ★★★☆☆ · January 01, 2012
When Michelle Wu's sister goes missing in Sante Fe, she can't inform the police because she is rarely on the right side of the law herself, so she begs FBI Agent Jack Harper to interrupt his vacation and find her. Leaving his teenage son in the care of his father, Jack heads to the desert only to... ...more
By Rhonda (Fairview, UT) · ★★★★★ · December 26, 2011
The Best Bad Dream by Robert Ward
It was a little different the villians of the story. I guessed some right and a whole lot wrong. It kept me guessing and surprised me at the end.
Their were a lot of characters that I did not admire and a few I did, but they where all were different.
Michel... ...more
By Mary (Rathdrum, ID) · ★★★☆☆ · December 25, 2012
I chose this book for the Santa Fe, NM setting. It got a bit twisted, this story about finding eternal youth. Some parts were downright gory, some pretty intense sex and violence. The FBI agent hero used his wits to save the day. ...more
By Khalid (The United States) · ★★★★☆ · December 27, 2012
Another great story by one of my favorite authors. Robert Ward is great at keeping you guessing until the end. ...more
By Dick (Santa Monica, CA) · ★★★★★ · September 06, 2013
dark, powerful and action-packed ...more