Improving Teamwork in Organizations: Applications of Resource Management Training

Contents: Preface. E. Salas, C.A. Bowers, E. Edens, An Overview of Resource Management in Organizations: Why Now? Part I: Foundations of Resource Management Training. T.L. Seamster, G.L. Kaempf, Identifying Resource Management Skills for Airline Pilots. K.A. Smith-Jentsch, D.P. Baker, E. Salas, J.A. Cannon-Bowers, Uncovering Differences in Team Competency Requirements: The Case of Air Traffic Control Teams. J.E. Driskell, E. Salas, J. Johnston, Stress Management: Individual and Team Training. F. Jentsch, K.A. Smith-Jentsch, Assertiveness and Team Performance: More Than "Just Say No." B.G. Kanki, G.M. Smith, Training Aviation Communication Skills. Part II: Tools for Resource Management Training. D.P. Baker, C. Mulqueen, R.K. Dismukes, Training Raters to Assess Resource Management Skills. C. Prince, F. Jentsch, Aviation Crew Resource Management Training With Low-Fidelity Devices. R.W. Holt, D.A. Boehm-Davis, J.M. Beaubien, Evaluating Resource Management Training. Part III: Applications of Resource Management in Organizations: Lessons Learned and Guidelines. D.A. Boehm-Davis, R.W. Holt, T.L. Seamster, Airline Resource Management Programs. R. Flin, P. O'Connor, Applying Crew Resource Management on Offshore Oil Platforms. M.M. Robertson, Resource Management for Aviation Maintenance Teams. J.M. Davies, Medical Applications of Crew Resource Management. R.L. Oser, E. Salas, D.C. Merket, C.A. Bowers, Applying Resource Management Training in Naval Aviation: A Methodology and Lessons Learned. Part IV: A Global Perspective of Resource Management Training. R.L. Helmreich, J.A. Wilhelm, J.R. Klinect, A.C. Merritt, Culture, Error, and Crew Resource Management. Part V: Final Observations. E. Salas, C.A. Bowers, E. Edens, Research and Practices of Resource Management in Organizations: Some Observations.