A Spy's Résumé

Since the recent attacks of September 11, 2001, the intelligence community has been on a hiring binge. According to some estimates, over half of those currently employed in the agencies and departments that comprise the U.S. intelligence community have less than six years experience. Consequently, there are a lot of people 'learning the ropes' on how to become an intelligence professional. A Spy's RZsumZ describes what people can expect when they decide to leave government or military service. In this book, Marc Anthony Viola assists government and military professionals transitioning into the civilian world, using techniques from the U.S. intelligence community. While Viola includes advice on rZsumZ writing and interviewing, his book goes beyond 'how to find a job' to the challenge of conceptualizing a new vocation, as well as looking at the personal journey from the perspective of a former intelligence professional transitioning to the civilian sector. Viola uses experiences and observations from his own military intelligence career in ways that are of interest and of benefit to anyone thinking of changing careers or in transition with his or her own life.