The Beauty Workbook: A Commonsense Approach to Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, and Nails

Bold, hip, and brimming with great insider advice, The Beauty Workbook is the ultimate interactive guide to personal care for women. Beauty expert Cynthia Robins demystifies products and regimens and streamlines the overwhelming bounty of information into smart, lively text. Each tabbed chapter offers up hundreds of fantastic tips and practical counsel on how to:

- Slow the aging process
- Navigate the maze of makeup counters
- Protect against sun damage
- Choose colors that work best for your particular style and skin tone
- And more

The quizzes and exercises help appraise skin, hair, and nail types to determine the ideal approach to personal beauty. Tons of vibrant photographs, drawings, and color swatches make for easy reference and inspiration. With a handy back pocket for storing clippings, labels, and more, The Beauty Workbook is every woman's indispensible guide to looking and feeling beautiful.

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By Kipahni (The United States) · ★★★☆☆ · January 28, 2012
What is nice about this book is that it doesn't date it self like so many of the other books at my library like:
Braids & Bows For Kids by Janis Bullis/Mary Beth Janssen-Fleischman
More Beautiful Braids by Mary Beth Janssen-Fleischman

As far as beauty tips go, it is very basic. It gives an introduction to each type of make-up and the pro/con of wearing it.
What I found most refreshing though was her strong emphas... ...more