More Results-Oriented Job Descriptions: 226 Models to Use or Adapt -- With Guidelines for Creating Your Own

Roger and Sandra Plachy offer an innovative approach to a critical but often tedious and unproductive task: writing job descriptions. Their results-oriented method has revolutionized standard job descriptions, transforming them from mere "laundry lists" of duties or general descriptions of work processes to powerful tools for improving employee performance. Because results-oriented job descriptions emphasize the results desired from performing a particular job and explain why the work is important to the organization, employees better understand the true value of their work and are more committed to fulfilling goals. More Results-Oriented Job Descriptions provides 226 brand new job descriptions in 26 categories, from accounting and finance to warehousing and distribution, that you can use as is or adapt to fit your needs. It also offers guidelines and worksheets for writing original job descriptions, exercises that will improve your writing skills, and explanations of relevant employment laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.