Each article includes: - Quick Facts: summarizes important facts - Overview: briefly introduces duties and responsibilities - History: describes the history of the job in relation to the industry or field - The Job: describes primary and secondary duties - Requirements: discusses high school and post-secondary education and training as well as any necessary certification or licensing and personal requirements for success - Exploring: offers suggestions on how to gain experience and knowledge in a field before making firm educational and financial commitments - Employers: gives an overview of typical places of employment - Starting Out: suggests the best ways to land a first job - Advancement: presents an expected career path and how to get on it - Earnings: lists salary ranges and typical fringe benefits - Work Environment: looks at the work conditions and surroundings associated with a certain job - Outlook: summarizes the job's potential growth or decline in terms of the general economy and industry projections - For More Information: lists organizations that provide career information.