Australian Lonergan Workshop

This book contains a collection of papers from the 1985, 1987 and 1989 Australian Lonergan Workshops.
Contents: (1985) A Summary of Lonergan's Economic Diagram, S.P. Burley; How Lonergan Illuminates Aristotle, T.V. Daly, S.J.; Lonergan and the Philosophy of Science, Dr. W.J. Danaher; "Transubstantiation Over Transsignification": Giovanni Sala and Edward Schillebeeckx on the Eucharistic Presence, P. Beer, S.J.; Schillebeeckx's Philosophic Prologomenon: A Dialectic Analysis, Dr. N. Ormerod; Mutual Self-Mediation with Christ, F. Fletcher, M.S.C.; The Integration of Trinitarian Theology and Spirituality, Bishop J. Bathersby; (1987) A Von Neumann Representation of Lonergan's Production Model, S.P. Burley; Chemistry and Insight, Dr. W.J. Danaher; Rediscovering Philosophies through Cognitional Models, T. Daly, S.J.; The Holy Spirit and Lonergan's Psychological Analogy, P. Beer, S.J.; Lonergan and Finnis on the Human Good, Dr. N. Ormerod; A Response to Lonergan and Finnis, Rev. G. Moses; (1989) Insight in Science, Dr. W.J. Danaher; Learning-Levels, T.V. Daly, S.J.; Lonergan as a Neo-Schumpeterian, S.P. Burley; Bernard Lonergan, Mechanism and Evolution, L. Drake, S.J.; Can I Be Certain That I Am Justified?, P. Beer, S.J.; The A Priori in Human Knowledge: A Critique of Kant from the Point of View of Lonergan's Insight, M. Brennan, R.C.S.J.; The Foundational Theologian as Prophet, F. Fletcher, M.S.C.