Laura - Acting Edition

When Mark McPherson first falls in love with Laura, he knows he's in love with a phantom for Laura is dead, and he's in charge of her murder investigation. From her portrait, her letters, her personal effects and from his contacts with the three men who loved her, Mark has created an image of a woman tantalizingly alive and real. When she appears in the midst of a thunderstorm, very much alive after all, it is revealed that Laura's best friend (and rival) was the true victim of the crime. But now, all evidence seems to point to Laura's guilt. Despite his growing love for her a love which Laura seems to return Mark is about to pin the crime on her, when the real murderer appears and tries to do away with the girl he meant to kill in the first place Laura.

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By Yourfiendmrjones (Liberty, ME) · ★★★★☆ · January 22, 2012
As a play, it flows pretty well and the dialogue still crackles. The only change from the film and the book being a switch from Judith Anderson's character to a new character Danny. He is the son of the landlady downstairs who has a crush on Laura as well as sharing a love of jazz music with her.... ...more