Bob Dylan: Intimate Insights from Friends and Fellow Musicians

Dylan’s friends—from Pete Seeger to Bruce Springsteen to Rosanne Cash to Bono to Tom Petty—offer insight into the singer-songwriter’s artistic genius and personality. This is an oral history of a major musician who played a significant role in America’s cultural history.

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By Rick (The United States) · ★★★★☆ · August 17, 2012
Can't understand the low reviews this book got on Goodreads. For what it is, the author did a good job bringing together from all the periods of Dylan's 50 year career and discussing their insights into the man and his music. No salacious gossipy stuff here; just little or not known stories and c... ...more
By §-- (Washington, DC) · ★★★☆☆ · July 28, 2014
There is some good stuff in here, but too much of it is about the people she is interviewing rather than about Dylan. They are interesting people, too, but I didn't pick up this book to read about them. One is left with little in the way of intimacy or insight, but lots of stuff that is generally... ...more
By Maya (New York, NY) · September 05, 2008
I got this because I went to the library and the only thing I had on hold was The White Album by Joan Didion. Who knows why I am again attempting to read this, but let's just say my heart did not leap with joy at the prospect of going home with The White Album
So I got this and a memoir about bein... ...more