Novel Delivery Systems for Oral Vaccines

This one-of-a-kind book represents a timely and detailed assessment of the wide range of alternative "antigen carriers" that are currently being investigated as prospective delivery systems for the development of new and improved oral vaccines. Oral delivery remains the "ideal" approach to vaccination, both for economic reasons and for reasons of patient acceptability. However, the oral route of immunization remains under exploited, clinically, mainly because oral vaccines have traditionally been poorly immunogenic. Nevertheless, recent developments in the formulation of nonliving antigen carrier systems and in the development of live nonpathogenic carrier systems have given rise to real optimism that new oral vaccines will soon be developed. This book looks at these new developments in antigen delivery systems. Each alternative carrier system is assessed, including both its potential advantages and limitations. The book details how these antigen delivery systems might contribute to the development of new and improved oral vaccines for human use.