Geoenvironmental Engineering: Contaminated Soils, Pollutant Fate, and Mitigation (New Directions in Civil Engineering)

Contaminated Land Ground Contamination The Land Environment Land Environment Sensitivity and Tolerance Land Suitability and Use Wastes and Waste Streams Nature of Soils Soil Materials in the Land Environment Soil Materials Soil Fractions Soil Structure Physical Properties Soil-Water Systems Surface Relationships Surfaces and Soil Fractions Surface Charges and Electrified Interface Diffuse Double-Layer (DDL) Models Interactions and Soil Structure Soil-Water Characteristics Interactions and Partitioning of Pollutants Pollutants, Contaminants, and Fate Pollutants of Major Concern Controls and Reactions in Porewater Partitioning and Sorption Mechanisms pH Environment, Solubility, and Precipitation Natural Soil Organics and Organic Chemicals Soil Surface Sorption Properties - CEC, SSA Pollutant Sorption Capacity Characterization Interactions and Pollutant Transport Predictions Partitioning and Fate of Heavy Metals Environmental Controls on HM Mobility and Availability Partitioning of HM Pollutants Distribution of Partitioned HMs Soil Composition, Structure, and HM Partitioning Persistence and Fate of Organic Chemical Pollutants Adsorption and Bonding Mechanisms Partitioning of Organic Chemical Pollutants Interactions and Fate Interactions and Pollutant Removal Basic Decontamination Considerations Determination of Pollutant Release Electronics and Electrokinetics Biochemical Reactions and Pollutants Assessment, Screening, and Treatability Remediation and Pollution Mitigation Pollutants and Site Contamination Basic Soil Decontamination Considerations Physio-Chemical Techniques Chemical Techniques Biological Techniques Multiple Treatments and Treatment Trains Index