Business Intelligence for Telecommunications (Informa Telecoms & Media)

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: INTRODUCTION Overview. Intelligence Not Just Information. What Is Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence Heritage. Evolution of Business Intelligence. The Present. The Value of Business Intelligence. New Era of Enterprise Technology. Business Intelligence Applications. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: ESSENTIALS Facts, Data, Information, and Knowledge. BI Enabling Environment. Business Landscape. Changing Data Landscape. Data Quality. Business Intelligence Framework. Business Intelligence Platform. Data Architecture. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: STAGES Move Data. Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL). Data Warehouse. Data Marts. OLAP. Balanced Scorecard. Data Mining. Data Management. Data Usage. Enterprise Portal (EP). BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: TYPES Multiplicity of BI Tools. Types of BI. Modern BI. Support for Personalization and Customization. Support for Wide Reach, High Throughput, and Access Across All Touch Points. The Enterprise BI. Information Workers. Reporting. IT Professionals. Critical BI for the Enterprise. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: SOLUTION AREAS BI Application Area. BI Applications. Market Analytics. Sales Reporting and Analytics. Sales Pipeline Reporting and Analysis. Channel Analysis. Competitor Analysis. Financial Reporting and Analysis. Compliance. HIPAA. Towards Enterprise BI. REAL-TIME BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE First Generation BILearning from The Past. A New MindsetInformation Now. Operational BIA Business Imperative. Two to TangoBusiness Performance Management and Real-Time Enterprise. Real-Time Initiatives. Different Flavors of RTE. Barriers to Real-Time Enterprise. TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY: CHANGING LANDSCAPE 4 Cs of the Telecommunications Industry. Towards a Customer-Centric Business Model. At the Crossroads. The Customer Is King. Technology Can Help Telecommunications Companies. BI in the Telecommunications Industry. Strategy at Work. BI in Action. Disappointments from the Past. Barriers to BI. Overcoming Barriers. Customer Intelligence. Look Beyond the Organization. Role of Business Intelligence. Competitive Analysis. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: IMPACT Telecom Challenge. Performance Management. BI the Core of BPM. Understanding Business Performance Management. Designing and Implementing BPM. Three Waves of Performance Improvement. Impact of BI and BPM on the Telecommunications Industry. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES The BI Ghetto. Critical Challenges for Business Intelligence Success. BI Application Development Methodology. Creating a Cost-Effective Enterprise Friendly BI Solution. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: STRATEGY AND ROADMAP Planning a Business Intelligence Solution. CONCLUSIONS Usability Versus Feature Bloat. Enough Already about Metadata! Consulting. Licensing, Upgrades, and Maintenance. Resume Building.