Financial Justification of Nondestructive Testing

THE BIG PICTURE OF QUALITY What Quality Means to People Trying to Manage Quality ISO-9000 as the Management Standard for Quality (Revised 2000) HOW WE GOT TO WHERE WE ARE Early Philosophy of Manufacturing Taylor Management Method and Mass Production: Our Twin Nemesis Quality Degradation under Taylor Management The Inspector as the Methodology to Rectify Quality Adversarial Confrontation: Inspector as Cop and Laborer as Crook Ineffectuality of Inspector to Improve Quality The "Perfect" Inspector: Automated 100% Inspection by Electronics Fallacies of Early Implementation of 100% Inspection The Root Problem: Out-of-Control Processes OUT OF CONTROL, UNDER CONTROL, AND ACHIEVEING CONTROL FOR PROCESSES Out of Control as a Question of Information Statistical Process Control (SPC) to Get Information A Review of Statistical Process Control Automated Run Rules with Computers Statistical Process Control Results as Statistics Out-of-Control Quarantining Versus Just-in-Time Inventory TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT WITH STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL AND INSPECTION Total Quality Management and Deming's Fourteen Points Deming's 14 Points Taken Sequentially Summary ISO-9000 WITH STATISTICS AND INSPECTION Background ISO-9000: Keeping a Company under Control Statistical Process Control and Statistics within ISO Philosophy in the 1990 Version Inspection in ISO-9000-1990 Changes in Emphasis in the ISO-9000-2000 Version Overview of Sections 4 through 8 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis How Does NDT Fit into ISO-9000-2000? Summary STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL AS A PREREQUISITE TO CALCULATING THE NEED FOR INSPECTION Recapitulation of Statistical Process Control Necessary Data The Costs of Inspection and the Detrimental Costs of Not Inspecting Summary THREE FINANCIAL CALCULATIONS JUSTIFYING 100% NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING Introduction DIC: Low Investment TARR or IRR: High Investment and Long-Term Usage Productivity, Profitability, and Revenue Method: Nano-Economics HIGH-TECH INSPECTION METHODS General Various Classes of Methods: NDT and Others Correlations and Functions Relating Measurements and Parameters REAL MANUFACTURING EXAMPLES OF THE THREE FINANCIAL METHODS OF CALCULATION AND OF REAL DECISIONS MADE ON THE BASIS OF THOSE CALCULATIONS General Examples of the Deming Inspection Criterion (DIC) Method Examples of TARR and IRR Methods Examples of the Productivity, Profitability, and Revenue Method Summary NONDESTRUCTIVE INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY AND METROLOGY IN THE CONTEXT OF MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY AS EXPLAINED IN THIS BOOK Emphasis Chronological Progression References Related Titles Index