Real Meditation in Minutes a Day

Just as exercise improves the body, meditation improves the mind. It restores memory, enhances creativity, and leads to clearer thinking. And, much like exercise, most people have a hard time getting motivated to do it, much less stick with it ? until now. Real Meditation in Minutes a Day teaches anyone, anywhere, to make meditation's countless benefits part of everyday life. Authors Joseph Arpaia and Lobsang Rapgay, both experienced practitioners, have developed an innovative new way of teaching meditation. They explain it here using plain, non-religious language that encourages and affirms all readers. Throughout the book, episodic tales starring everypersons ?Brian and ?Maria illustrate the program. Brian and Maria's recounting of their efforts reinforces each step, answers common questions, and helps prevent potential pitfalls or obstacles. Real Meditation in Minutes a Day represents a new approach to an ancient practice: that of an easygoing, always-encouraging mental workout buddy.