Ford: Shop Manual FO-201

From the front axle to the rear axle, Primedia I&T Shop Service Manuals have been the authoritative source for tractor repair and maintenance information since 1948. They include detailed specifications and comprehensive service and repair instructions for most makes and models of farm tractors - even models 60 years old. Covers models Fordson Dexta, Fordson Super Dexta, 2000 Super Dexta, New Performance Super Dexta - Models Fordson Major Diesel (FMD), Fordson Power Major (FPM), Fordson Super Major (FSM), New Performance Fordson Super Major (New FSM), 5000 Super Major - Series 6000, Commander 6000 - Series 1000, 1600 - Series 8000, 8600, 8700, 9000, 9600, 9700, TW-10, TW-20, TW-30. 320 pages. Softcover.