Reading Hebrew: A Programmed Instruction Book

This classic Hebrew primer is now revised and in full color. Blending a lively, colorful design with the pioneering self-paced method of the original volume, The New Reading Hebrew brings the joy of Hebrew to new generations of learners. Ideal for adults and children who want to teach themselves to read Hebrew, The New Reading Hebrew brings students to alef-bet mastery in 16 self-correcting lessons.

What's new about The New Reading Hebrew?

* Color-coded lessons carry students through program with greater structure and ease.
* New lesson frames, answer boxes, and English fonts facilitate a smooth, even-paced learning experience.
* Revised language and transliterations provide improved clarity and consistency.

What's the same about The New Reading Hebrew?

* Clear, easy method teaches decoding in manageable increments.
* Answers appear on next page, allowing students to check and correct themselves.
* Simple Hebrew font enables students to recognize and reproduce letters easily.