What is Good for General Motors? - Solving America's Industrial Conundrum

An insider exposes the strategic decisions that have caused the foundation of America?s industrial sector to crumble, then lays out a plan for its restoration. The author led GM Chairman John Smale?s Scenario Planning Staff in the mid-1990s and Roger Smith?s development of a Saturn expansion proposal in the late-1980s after a career in GM plant operations designing and managing manufacturing systems.

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By Lisa (Ann Arbor, MI) · ★★★★☆ · August 12, 2012
A dense book. A valuable book that has been cooking for over a decade. The ship couldn't/wouldn't change tact back then, even though the captain and mates knew the current course's destiny was doom. Time has changed many things.

Tom deserves to be heard, but the academic tone might keep readers a... ...more