Performing in Extreme Environments

Counteract the perils of exercise in extreme environments with this thoroughly researched reference. Renowned exercise researcher Lawrence Armstrong, PhD, distills more than a decade of scientific study regarding exercise in hostile environments in this unique and valuable reference.

The only book of its kind in print, Performing in Extreme Environments explains how to maintain optimal health and fitness during work or exercise in a multitude of stressful environments. Numerous taxing environmental conditions are covered: heat, high altitude, humidity, air pollution, cold, windchill, day length, air ions, and underwater pressure.

Performing in Extreme Environments identifies:

-How body organs are affected in stressful environments

-Ways that physical factors alter exercise performance

-How medical disorders impact performance

-Tips to improve performance and avoid illness
Learn how adjustments in behavior, training patterns, eating habits, fluids, clothing, medications or the air mixture breathed can greatly impact performance.

This reference delineates how to recognize symptoms of such conditions as hyper- and hypothermia, dehydration, heatstroke, decompression sickness, jet lag, and high-altitude pulmonary and cerebral edema. It also provides emergency first aid recommendations. You can also determine hydration levels with a colored urine chart printed on the book's back cover.