When Edmonton Was Young

Edmonton when young  (circa 1910) never thought of itself as small. The citizens were young, an unlikely concentration of resourceful individuals attracted from older places where they’d have to wait for middle age to be leaders. The young city comes alive in the stories they enjoyed telling on themselves as their budding metropolis remained stuck at the bud stage for half a century. These stories are chucklers, which may seem trifles, but add up to a warm, authentic portrait of Edmonton as it was, and in many ways, still is. Readers who enjoy Tony’s previous books, such as Edmonton: Stories from the River City, are sure to love When Edmonton Was Young.

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By Kieran (Edmonton, AB, Canada) · ★★★★★ · July 24, 2009
Still reading, but so far it is delightful! The stories of people who contributed to the building of our city are insightful, fun and very interesting. ...more