The Sleeping Porch

When the intense heat drives young Brando to sleep on the porch, he is awoken around midnight by a cat from a nearby graveyard. Together, Brando and Graveyard Cat embark upon a rollicking adventure: leaping up to the rings of Saturn, visiting the Arctic seas, scaling cliffs and sliding down slopes. Brando is certain his journey with Graveyard Cat was just a dream, but finds that he can’t be entirely sure . . . This imaginative tale is perfectly complemented by Ian Wallace’s charming illustrations.

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By Megan (Marysville, OH) · ★★★★★ · February 18, 2014
Wallace, I. (2008). The sleeping porch. Berkely, California: Groundwood Books.

It is a hot, summer night. The main charcter Brando and his parents were so hot that they moved to cots located on the back porch, hoping to catch a little breeze. A cat then sneaks into the porch through a window scre... ...more
By Emily (The United States) · ★★☆☆☆ · January 13, 2013
This book has a lot of charm. I mean, the little boy's name is Brando and he lives adjacent to a cemetery and is visited in his dreams one hot, sultry night by a spirit cat who's been dead since the War of 1812. The songs of cicadas and the glow of fireflies permeate the darkness. It's like South... ...more
By Tiffany (The United States) · August 02, 2010
This is a story about a boy having a really fun and amazing dream. The story is so descriptive, and you really can envision the words (without the help of illustrations). There is a lot of dialogue going on between the boy and the cat. This would be a great book to teach children how to create fi... ...more