The Charitable Remainder Trust: Reduce Estate and Income Taxes Through Charitable Giving

This book will acquaint you with the near magical possibilities of a tax-saving, income-producing legal device known as a "charitable remainder trust" or "CRT." Although "CRT" is the currently popular term, these trusts are also known as "life income" and "wealth accumulation" trusts. Both descriptions are accurate - and therein lies the money magic. A CRT is just the thing for a person who wants to avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated property, in pursuit of increased retirement income or seeking estate tax relief. But this trust is also the perfect vehicle to achieve your personal philanthropic goals, while also helping yourself and your family. In fact, while tax savings and income enhancement are central attractions of the CRT, the chief motivation should be the settlor/ donor's charitable intentions. After all, when the final distribution of trust assets is made - and they can have considerable value - the charity of your choice will be the major beneficiary. In the meantime, there is no reason why the objects of your generosity cannot reward their benefactor with a seat on your church board of trustees, or your alma mater's establishment of a scholarship bearing your name. Here is what the creation of a CRT can accomplish for you. Properly drafted, formulated and managed, a charitable remainder trust is an excellent "transfer tax" avoidance instrumentality that can: . avoid completely any capital gains tax payment on your appreciated property, regardless of the original cost basis; . convert your low-yield property into a high income investment guaranteed to provide you and your spouse the financial security of lifetime income, immediate or deferred, with greatly reduced income tax consequences; . serve as a vehicle to receive the "roll over" of your qualified pension plan or Individual Retirement Account (IRA), increasing both retirement income and tax savings; . provide you with an immediate substantial charitable income tax deduction against your taxes for the year in which the CRT is created; . diminish estate and inheritance taxes on the donated property - and avoid the probate mess as well; and . for your heirs, provide a greatly increased inheritance, financed by the tax savings and increased income your CRT will provide. Sounds too good to be true - or to be legal in present day, tax oppressed America? Believe us, it is true.