Experiment-Research Methodology in Marketing: Types and Applications

A thorough presentation of the use, types, and applications of experiments in marketing research. The presentation shows that experiment research can benefit marketing research immensely. As a consequent, the information collected throught an experiment can be invaluable to assist marketing decision makers. This book will therefore be of value to marketing researchers and students of marketing research, and will also be of value to marketing practitioners and general managers in business and non-business organizations.

This book explains that the primary reason that experiments are valuable to assist decision making involves the concept of causality—a relationship in which a change in one variable causes a change in another variable (i.e., cause-and-effect relationship). Three criteria required to properly conduct an experiment that allows inferences about cause-and-effect relationships with reasonable certainty are: (1) evidence of association, (2) appropriate timing, and (3) elimination of alternative explanations.