Of Rainbows & Clouds

Yab Ugyen's memoirs reveal the story of a remarkably close and loving family, brought to life through historical photographs of five generations of its members as well as contemporary photographs of those temples, houses and palaces associated with the family. The book includes a description and the only extant photographs of the royal wedding in 1988 of His Majesty the King of Bhutan with four of Yab Ugyen's daughters.

The latter part of the book chronicles Yab Ugyen's struggles as he grows from a fledgling shopkeeper to a successful merchant. Through the dramatic and gripping vicissitudes of his life and fortunes, beautifully narrated by his daughter, Yab Ugyen reveals a simple and inspiring philosophy of life that has enabled him to tide him over hard times and deepened his spiritual faith and belief in the invisible forces of karma.

This biography provides a fascinating and vivid insight of Bhutan. There are intimate and revealing glimpses of traditional life in monastic retreats, remote villages, forts and palaces.