The Are You Being Served? Stories: 'Camping In' and Other Fiascoes

These hilarious stories by the creator of public television's longest-running hit series capture the wacky sensibility and off-the-wall humor of the British sitcom. With characters such as the cheerfully lecherous Mr. Lucas and the overbearing, ever-proper Mrs. Slocombe, readers revisit the Men's and Ladies' Wear Departments of Grace Brothers Department Store--where hopelessly politically incorrect repartee sets the stage for decades of viewership. 16 color photos.

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By Kelly · ★★★★★ · March 03, 2015
This book is a riot! It makes a nice break away from novels. Each chapter is a story in itself, so you don't feel like you are missing anything when you put it down. It also makes you excited to pick it up again to see what mischief the characters have gotten into again! Now, if you haven't watch... ...more