Trailers : How to Design and Build (Basics) Volume 1.

Steps to prepare a custom trailer design is followed with supporting chapters on suspension (axles, hubs, springs, hardware), couplings, fenders, lights & wiring, paint welding and even a few strength calculations. This first book in a series of three is without a doubt, the most complete and only book available to guide you through the maze of putting your dream trailer together. Engineering subjects have been simplified to be understood by most anyone who has a mechanical aptitude.

The processes involved in creating a trailer are more complex than first glance indicates. This book has been written as a response to the ever flowing questions posed by those attempting to build a trailer. Full of guidelines for designing and building the trailer you want, your end result will be much more predictable, something you can now understand and also be proud to own.

From specifications for commonly used parts to contruction how-to's, this book provides a step-by-step approach to arrive at the most desired design. Guidelines for laying out the trailer on paper will give you a glimpse of your future tag-a-long before it is built. For anyone thinking about or planning to build a trailer, this book is indispensible.