The Complete Book of Tatting: Everything You Wanted to Know but Couldn't Find Out About Shuttle Lace

LACIS PUBLISHING-The Complete Book of Tatting (shuttle). An inexpensive craft to begin and reasonably easy to work, tatting produces attractive and delicate items for a variety of uses. Learn how to tat and then progress to simple starter patters, working with two threads, pearl tatting and tatting with three threads, tatting with beads, and many other forms and styles. Features over 100 designs, ranging from simple doodles to complex 3-D bouquets. Softcover: 112 pages.

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By Mary (San Jose, CA) · ★★★★★ · February 27, 2013
If you can only have one tatting book in your library, this is the one to get. It is an absolutely exhaustive reference, full of techniques, patterns, helpful hints and tatting wisdom. The majority of the book covers shuttle tatting, but Ms Jones offers a chapter on needle tatting. It would take... ...more
By Susan (Lethbridge, AB, Canada) · April 17, 2012
Excellent book to learn to tat .. I recommend this whole heartly..I like to teach kids with this book as it has mamy little projects for them ...more