Boom, Bust & Echo: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Shift

A Canadian Bestseller! Demographics is the key to understanding the past and forecasting the future. From financial planning to urban planning, Professor David Foot shows us how to track the trends that will have a profound impact upon our lives.

The boomers, the busters, and the echo generation: discover the nation's future - and yours - in demographics, the simple but highly potent tool for understanding the past and foretelling the future, by Canada's foremost expert. What are the best investments? Where are the new business opportunities? What will become of our cities? What are the prospects for real estate? The job market? Education? Health care? Foot and Stoffman provide answers in a book full of arresting insights and practical ideas.

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By May (The United States) · June 13, 2011
Oh wow, I"m reading this book far too late. Most of what is predicted already came to pass. Interesting way of looking at demographics. I will need to read the next one in the series to see if the author is able to maintain such consistent predictions. ...more
By Michael (Calgary Alberta, Canada) · ★★★★☆ · February 17, 2008
A very good book summarizing the impact of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y in our marketplace. Some people have criticized it as being too simpliplistic but it teaches a good understanding of generational change and impact on market forces. ...more
By Michael (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) · ★★★☆☆ · August 12, 2014
Although I think this was an interesting book to read, I don't believe demographics can explain as much as claimed by David. Humans are just too complicated creatures. ...more