Jerry Baker's All-American Lawns; 1,776 Super Solutions to Grow, Repair, and Maintain the Best Lawn in the Land!

Learn how to grow perfectly green and gorgeous grass without toxic chemicals and expensive lawn care treatments using methods in this compendium of thousands of lawn care tips, tricks, and tonics. Say goodbye to weeds, disease, and bare spots with these simple yet effective homemade remedies for improving the lawn, such as using beer, baby shampoo, and ammonia to energize soil, green-up turf, and wipe out weeds. Practical problem solvers include techniques that will keep grass alive during a drought, a treatment that is deadly to bugs but harmless to everything else, and a four season routine for growing the greenest grass year round while special features—“Blue Plate Special” tonics, “From the Mailbag,” and “Jerry Baker’s Secrets”—provide additional information and answers.