Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer

FIRST BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF MODERN SLOTS that teaches you how to recognize a "temperature" (hot or cold) of a slot machine’s current streak when you approach to play a machine and during your play. According to the players and experts alike, the streaks are unquestionable phenomenon of a slot machine’s behavior and the most important problem for a slots player is recognizing the nature of a streak currently running through a machine. Many talked about the streaks; nobody could define and study them.

The book presents Streaks Recognition Theory, which defines, studies and analyzes a development and behavior of the streaks in modern computerized slots. The theory is based on the analysis of the only true and relevant information about the slots – the data that comes directly from the machines. Mainly W. Hegel’s Dialectics and H. Spencer’s Positive Philosophy influenced Theory’s Methodology. Streaks Recognition Theory serves as the theoretical foundation of the practical method of play – Streaks Method. When you use Streaks Method, you play the slots with an ability to see, analyze and follow a streak as it unfolds in front of your mind’s eye.

Streaks Method gives you two tools to let you to conduct your slots play according to a machine’s current streak.

First tool - Method’s Thermometer – helps you to determine in less than a minute a machine’s mode when you start to play it. If a diagnosis is "cold", you leave a machine and move to another one. If another one is "hot", you stay and play that machine for as long as it stays "hot". As soon as a temperature changes from "hot" to "cold", the Thermometer catches that change and kicks you out of that machine. In result, you keep your profit from a previous "hot" streak and don’t give it back to a new beginning "cold" streak. Thus, Method’s Thermometer always tries to keep you away from the "cold" machines and to constantly navigate you to the "hot" ones. The Method can easily make your chances 10 times better in your long-term slots play.

Second tool – Play Optimization methods – helps you to catch winning symbols combinations with an increased bet to maximize your profits during the "hot" streaks. Streaks Method is the first and only real playing strategy for Slots in the history of the game.

The book is written for beginners and experienced players. This original fundamental 167 pages work includes 44 Chapters, 63 Examples, 9 Tables, 2 Diagrams and more than 130 new unknown before topics related to the slots game. The book, also, includes the analyses of 60 popular but incorrect "systems", critical reviews of 8 books by 8 experts and offers a gambler’s interpretation of Greek Mythology. More at crapsdicecontroldotcom.

Yuri Kononenko is the inventor of Modern Dice Control and the author of the original 1998 classic "Dice Control for Casino Craps" – the book that changed the way many players understand, approach and play the game of Craps.