Bypassing Bypass: The New Technique of Chelation Therapy, a Non-Surgical Treatment for Improving Circulation and Slowing the Aging Process

Dr. Cranton's description of treatments and the help that he documents patients receiving is truely astounding! I since have had others in the CardioCare industry admit to me that, as Dr. Cranton states, some 50% or more of Bypass surgery is unneccasary! It is Big business! EDTA has been used for 30+ years by the Navy to cleanse sailors of lead and Dr. cranton makes the point that it is also effective in chelating many other metals from our system. I continue to take Oral Chelation daily and at 53 continue to act like I'm 33. A wonderful and inspiring book to open ones eyes to the wonders of Alternative medicines ignored and discouraged by the established Medical/Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex