Crystal Wright's Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide, 5th Edition

Crystal Wright's The Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide 5th edition, is a how-to book for makeup, hair and fashion styling professionals who want to work behind-the-scenes in print, video, film and television. Viewed as one of the most influential books in the industry, the Career Guide offers hope to hair stylists, and salon owners, makeup artists, aspiring fashion stylists, and even manicurists who are searching for answers on how to break into the lucrative fashion and entertainment industries. Standard book faire includes step-by-step instructions and real world examples on everything from how to build a strong portfolio, to how to negotiate fees and expenses with an art director on a CD cover, how to work with and get your images from photographers, locking in agency representation and what to do if you don t get signed by the first agency that you show your work to. In this 5th Edition of the 'Guide' Crystal offers specifics for building a print and online portfolio, getting into the makeup & hair union, a hugely expanded fashion styling section, a new chapter on building your bridal business, a newly formatted and updated resource section, and insightful interviews with some of the top makeup, hair and fashion stylists in the US. With more than twenty years at the helm of Crystal Agency in Los Angeles, Wright has helped elevate the careers of some of the most successful makeup artists, hair designers, fashion stylists and manicurists. Her mentorship and guidance has led her clients to serve as fashionistas for celebrities such as Pink, Halle Berry, Will Smith, Andre Agassi, Queen Latifah, Britney Spears and Bono; and on advertising campaigns for Covergirl, Nike, Mervyn s, Mc Donald s and more. Everyday, artists would ask me how do I become a celebrity stylist? states Wright. I realized how rare the information was, and it motivated me to share my expertise. I became passionate about helping artists who had the drive and desire to make it in this industry. Aspiring artists learn how to locate job opportunities where they live, how to formulate attention-grabbing résumés, build inexpensive yet comprehensive websites, create comp cards and build relationships that secure jobs for them into the future. They are taught the ins and outs of finding an agent to represent them, how to establish a day rate, and how to negotiate with creative decision-makers without being intimidated.