Way Under Contract

Way Under Contract uses black comedy to address a very serious issue: over development in the sunshine state. Although the story takes place on a fictitious barrier island in Southwest Florida, over development is effecting nearly every community in the United States.

The setting? Shoreside Island Realty, which is an office like any other. There is a young sweet receptionist, an ice cold sales manager (often referred to as the "form nazi"), and numerous real estate agents on the make for the "deal of the century." Meet sleazy Jason Randazzle, who thrives on using tasteless sales tactics in order to get a listing, or Linda Hinckle who find herself painting by numbers in order to close a sale, or Adam Bartlett, the multi-million dollar producer who gets caught up with the underhanded developers of the Sanderling project. Meet their clients, obsessive Mildred Lee, who had been tracking every tropical depression just waiting for "The One," or Mr. Grinstead, who engages in a personal battle with his home's termites while his wife sits in a psychiatric hospital or the Hazeltons, who held "PhD's in how to look at houses by never find one to actually purchase." There are numerous other characters who you will love, hate and die laughing at as you watch their lies and schemes unfold in the face of Emily, a category five hurricane. In the final chapter, "God Bats Last," Emily puts all the lies and deception into proper perspective.

While Way Under Contract is a work of fiction, what has happened to Florida's wildlife is not. Forced by bulldozers to retreat in silence, they search for anyplace to call home. With the purchase of this book, you can help. $1.00 of the proceeds from Way Under Contract is donated to the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) for land aquisition. Collectively, we can make a difference.