Strategic Market Analysis: EUR/USD Interbank Market as Diversified Organization

Strategic Market Analysis--EUR/USD Interbank Market as Diversified Organization, published simultaneously in the USA and in the UK, offers the reader a definitive view into foreign exchange trading, both uncovering and offering an explanation into the links between financial markets.

The book offers a documented analysis, allowing a fuller understanding of the influence various financial entities play upon the EUR/USD Interbank market.

The book also offers outstanding insight into the mind of an expert trader and analyst.

Dr. Boele currently specializes in identification of trends and analysis of impact in the various foreign exchange currencies traded worldwide.

Her identification of the five specific markets--including FX Options, Commodity (Oil and Gold), the Equity Market, the International Debt Market, and the Short Term Interest Rate Market--and the role that they collectively play on the EUR/USD market is accepted by experts in the field as groundbreaking and offering exceptional forethought, as well as analytical insight.