Things You Should Know by Now: A Mini-Life Manual for the Quarterly-Aged

Let's face it: You don't know half as much as you let on. Sure, you were able to skate through college based on a decent work ethic and the ability to use words like "postmodernity" in appropriate situations. Also, you had good hair. And maybe you're still afloat after a couple years on the job, despite having just recently discovered that a 401(k) is not quite the same as the 4-1-1, yo. But now life is catching up with you. You're realizing that last night's pizza is probably not the healthiest breakfast food. That romantic relationships are hard. And that credit cards can be trouble.

So basically you've got two choices. Option A: You ride this seat-of-your-pants thing as long as possible until you lose your pants altogether. Good luck with that. Wear clean underwear.

Or Option B: Buy this book. It's helpfully titled Things You Should Know by Now: A Mini-Life Manual for the Quarterly Aged. Inside you'll find a collection of tips, suggestions, step-by-step outlines and self-important asides from twentysomething author Jason Boyett, all intended to help you navigate the choppy waters of love, work, money and healthy living. It's entertaining! It's occasionally insightful! And there's a chapter on How to Cook Eggs! Things You Should Know by Now is, in fact, the instruction manual on how to live and actually enjoy life, and that's not just back-of-the-book boasting. OK, it is, but still... you need to read this. Seriously.

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By Aaron (Spokane, WA) · ★★★★★ · September 19, 2007
A wonderful hodge-podge of all sorts of stuff from practical advice, to inspirational philosophy, to silly/fun things to know. All of it is guided toward those of us figuring out life for ourselves. ...more