The Owner's Manual for Small Business

Hiring a business consultant can be prohibitively expensive, with unpredictable results. A better bet on both counts is The Owner's Manual for Small Business. Best-selling business author Rhonda Abrams shares her proven money-making, customer-pleasing, employee-motivating, competition-defeating tips and tricks that business owners can immediately put into practice. The book contains information, research, and advice on everything from starting a business to low-cost marketing techniques; even how to have a successful business lunch that can turn a one-time contact into an ongoing relationship. Individual chapters cover 11 Secrets to Staying in Business, A Field Guide to Difficult Customers, Developing Your Strategic Position, Getting the Most from Employees, and much more. Cars come with a "how-to" guide; so do VCRs and can openers. With The Owner’s Manual for Small Business, Rhonda Abrams offers the single must-have reference for those who already have a small business or anyone dreaming of one.