Google Hacks Exposed: Improving Your Rank on Google

Google is one of the world's most popular search engines. Getting ranked highly by Google is very important for many businesses. Google Hacks Exposed shows you how to improve your rank on Google. Included in this book are various hacks including screenshots of the hacks and the search results. Included in this book: - Google Bombing - Cloaking - URL, Page, Domain, & Keyword Optimization - Page Rank Analysis of Top Sites - Recent Hacks - Safe & Risky Hacks - Search Query Hack - & Much More Bonus!! Also included in this book are hacks on other search engines such as Yahoo search engine. Learn how to get special characters into your search results such as arrows, stars and more. Learn how to create an image icon that will appear when someone types in your URL. This book is designed for beginner to advanced users.