Sleuthing 101: Background Checks and the Law

"Sleuthing 101, Background Checks and The Law" is the only book of its kind devoted solely to background screening. In today’s society, background screening has become one of the hottest topics and this is the book every employer in the U.S. must have in order to protect themselves from the pitfalls of making a bad hire.

Sleuthing 101, Background Checks and the Law…
• Answers the question "Why should we conduct employment background checks?"
• Explains the risks of negligent hiring liability
• Provides explanations of various background checks
• Recommends tips for creating the perfect employment application to protect your company

What you need to know about Federal Law, State Law and More
• FCRA Disclosure Requirements
• How to Legally Use Negative Information
• Complying with the EEOC
• Adverse Action Requirements
• New Workplace Investigations Legislation
• State Background Screening Laws Explained
• Drug Testing Laws of Every State
• Special Section on State Legislation in the Home Healthcare Industry