Hdv: What You Need to Know

--There is a new 2nd Edition available-- "HDV: What You NEED to Know" contains over 128 pages of HDV tech-talk, illustrations, standards, and information about how High Definition can be used by any video professional. Written by Douglas Spotted Eagle* and Mark Dileo*, this book is packed with information about HDV for the videographer who wants to move from Beta, DV, or analog into the pixel-packed world of HDV. Illustrations depict how HDV is connected, edited, converted, captured, and delivered in a variety of formats including Blu-Ray,TM Standard Definition (SD) and Windows Media Video-HD. Find simple explanations to complex concepts relating to new pixel aspect ratios, different field order, bandwidth, color space, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 audio, editing, codecs, and lots more. Visit www.VASST.com for more products like this.