Maple Street Press 2006 Red Sox™ Annual (Maple Street Press Red Sox Annual)

Most preseason baseball publications only offer a few pages of Red Sox coverage, but now there’s another option. In partnership with renowned Red Sox website “Sons of Sam Horn,” the Maple Street Press 2006 Red Sox™ Annual goes beyond the basics and gives diehard Sox fans the detailed coverage they crave.

Get a position-by-position breakdown of the new-look roster and what to watch for in the coming season. There’s also an intensive analysis of the offense and pitching through a new sabermetric measuring tool—composite rate analysis (CRA)—complete with a projection of how many runs the Red Sox should score and allow, and how many wins that might mean. Comprehensive coverage of the Red Sox minor league system is also included, featuring a ranking of the organization’s top twenty prospects and sit-down interviews with prized farmhands Craig Hansen and Jed Lowrie. Plus brush up on the Yankees as well as the rest of the play-off competition in the American League. The Annual even discusses how much revenue the Red Sox generate for each win on the field, the team’s approach to the sacrifice bunt, and why bunting might not be a bad idea in selected situations. Further, it provides a look back at Red Sox seasons and players of yesteryear, including a twentieth-anniversary reflection on the pennant-winning summer of 1986 and the cast of characters that made up that beloved team.

It’s all packed into more than a hundred pages of Red Sox coverage—not ads—unlike anything else available in print. The Maple Street Press 2006 Red Sox™ Annual is by Red Sox fans for Red Sox fans and provides a level of coverage national publications cannot match.