Maple Street Press Guide to New England Ballparks: From Maine to Fenway to the Cape . . . and Everything in Between

There’s something unique about baseball in New England. While following the Boston Red Sox has become somewhat of a regional obsession, fans of all ages know they can get their baseball fix at places other than Fenway Park. Besides, tickets to see the Sox are both expensive and hard to come by. So throughout the summer, thousands of fans regularly attend baseball games at New England’s amateur and minor league ballparks. Be it an independent league, Cape Cod, the International League, or another league, fans can still find baseball in paradise.

Tom Mason provides a detailed look at each of these baseball utopias, complete with important statistics; quirky stories about teams, players, and mascots; favorite hot spots, bars, and hangouts near the stadiums; a listing of dimensions and unique features; and memorable photos. Fans will learn about the no-hitters, perfect games, championships, longest home runs, key dates, all-time greats, and so much more that’s taken place within just a short drive. Further, a fold-out map of New England in the back of the book shows fans where each park is located and makes trip-planning a snap!

Baseball fans in New England have amazing access to a number of great stadiums. Now they have the road map to these various destinations and what to see when they arrive, with the Maple Street Press Guide to New England Ballparks.

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