Feeding the Kids: The Flexible, No-Battles, Healthy Eating System for the Whole Family (Fork and Spoon Field Guides)

Feeding your family a healthy diet (in the real world with real kids and real food) can be a challenge! Parents are trying to follow current nutrition guidelines, teach their kids healthy eating habits--and avoid too much junk food. But these goals are hard to meet when kids (and adults!) have strong food preferences; if there are daily fights over what, when, and/or how-much kids should eat; and because meals must to be fit into a super busy schedule. Feeding the Kids solves these problems with a new, easy-to-use system for feeding the entire familly well every day...all while enjoying eating more.

This system makes it easy to:

  • Find kid-friendly, healthy food easily using simple label-reading tricks that classify all foods into three categories: Smart foods (super healthy foods packed with nutrition); Empty items (junk food that provides little nutrition but fill kids up); and In-Between choices (partly Smart and partly Empty). Using this new system, anyone can pick out the healthiest versions of snacks, drinks, breakfast cereal, pasta, lunch meats, chicken nuggets, or any other food.
  • Eat enough Smart and In-Between food. Feeding the Kids includes a customized routine that makes meal planning incredibly easy. Even better, the plan insures that the whole family gets into the habit of eating enough Smart foods each day, including: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy foods and protein-rich foods. But this plan doesn't follow pre-set menus and certainly doesn't include eating foods the family dislikes. Instead, this plan can be adapted to include favorite foods, meals out and family food preferences.
  • Stop feeling guilty about junk food. Empties are a fun part of life, and everyone (adults and children) should be allowed to really enjoy them. The Feeding the Kids approach to these foods is to: recognize which foods are Empties (especially the sneaky ones that look healthy), eliminate less-loved Empty food, then really enjoy, guilt-free, the Empties the children do love.
  • Serve great-tasting, healthy meals, and fun, nutritious snacks...fast. Feeding the Kids includes over 50 mini-recipes and lots of simple menus ideas that are kid-tested and extremely easy to make. Recipes include healthy versions of: chicken nuggets, milkshakes, cookies, pancakes, sorbet, hot chocolate, hamburgers, popsicles and many more family favorites.