You Can Heal Your Child

YOU CAN HEAL YOUR CHILD begins with a fundamental question often asked by parents of children displaying various kinds of difficulties who, at best, feel lost for answers and, at worst, feel failed by the systems that are supposed to help them: What s Wrong with my Child? Presented in a question and answer format, this book educates parents about their child s natural responses to the real events of their life: stress and/or trauma. Through explanation of the signs and symptoms of the effects of stress and trauma and the methods employed by the brain in reaction to ongoing stressors and traumatic events the reader will develop a greater understanding of their child s seemingly inexplicable behaviors. Actual case studies of children serviced by the author who is a licensed clinical psychologist and credentialed school psychologist are presented to illustrate the natural way to heal the effects of stress and trauma without the use of medication. The book explains how parents can prevent the effects of stress and trauma in their child as well as how to intervene effectively when signs and symptoms are already evident. Numerous resources are described in order to assist parents in taking the first and most important steps toward healing their child. Self-Regulation Therapy (SRT), an effective and naturalistic healing approach to the effects of stress and trauma, is also explained.

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By Susan (Montreal, QC, Canada) · ★★★★☆ · February 13, 2012
A good read if you are dealing with a stressed out or a child having to deal witht trauma. Symptoms are described as well as recommended therapies. Can read in a few hours. ...more