Secrets of Great Parents

Parenting is as exhausting as it is rewarding, and the benefits are not always immediately evident. The skills required to be an effective teacher, disciplinarian, mentor and communicator are crucial for the successful parent-child relationship, but unfortunately, many parents have not had the opportunity to fully learn and acquire these skills. Our children, and society as a whole, will benefit tremendously if more parents take the time to educate themselves about raising children in a supportive and loving way. Anyone who cares deeply for their child has the ability to be an excellent parent. Good parenting doesn’t require money and material things. Good parenting requires love, dedication, and knowledge. Secrets of Great Parents is a guide to parenting that includes learning, teaching, discovery, observation and future thought. At its core is the concept that every family is unique and all families have strengths. The best parents discover that it takes learning, love, and laughter to live in a health, happy and strong family.