Most Trusted Leader: How Employees Judge Leadership

Leadership isn't complicated. Employees look for four traits when deciding whether you're trustworthy. Definitions written by CEO's and consultants don't matter to them. Their role model may surprise you. Want their cooperation? Follow their advice.
Are you the kind of leader who gets the best results because employees genuinely respect you? Or do employees suck up to you only because of your position, delivering less than their best? How can you be sure? Many leadership definitions have been written by former CEO's who might have gotten better results if they had known what their employees knew. A slew of other definitions have been written by consultants who've convinced managers that the latest formula will magically turn ordinary bosses into the "real thing." But these definitions don't influence or fool employees--they have their own ideas. Based on real people and events, the story in 'Most Trusted Leader: How Employees Judge Leadership' introduces you to the principles by which employees assess your performance--based on their role model, who might surprise you. If you're wondering why employees' opinions of your leadership matter, ought to read this story -- told by the author of "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Boss?"