Hope Stands - Ten Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up

Have you ever found yourself searching for one good reason to go on? Wondered if anything were going right in your life?
Even when life is at its absolute worst, we still have hope. We always have a reason to go on. By carefully considering the moments when Jesus appeared after death to his unsuspecting followers, we discover that hope stands right in the middle of life s crises.
As many of us struggle to find real hope, this is a timely and important message. You are never without Hope, so long as one person is standing up for you!

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By Cassondra · January 27, 2012
Samuel Kee endeavors to give hope to the hopeless. To remind those at their very last moment of light that someone has given them a new hope and that hope can stand against any human trial. This is the hope he has found and wants to share, the hope given to mankind by the birth, death, and resurr... ...more